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Colombia: Parliamentary Elections on Sunday

  • Colombia to hold Parliamentary elections on Sunday. Nar. 12, 2022.

    Colombia to hold Parliamentary elections on Sunday. Nar. 12, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@elespectador

Published 12 March 2022

On Sunday, Colombia goes to the polls to elect a new Congress.

Colombia goes to the polls on Sunday, where 38 million citizens will exercise their right to vote, to elect both Congress representatives and the presidential candidates of each political coalition.

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The elections booked for March 13 will determine 16 transitional peace seats in Congress, which were created in the framework of the Peace Accord. Polls are scheduled to open from 8:00 to 14:00 local time. Inter-party consultations will be held on Sunday as well. The Team for Colombia, the Historical Pact, and the Hope Centre, through this mechanism, intended to choose only one candidate for the presidency of the Republic.

It is expected that 38 819 901 Colombians will attend to vote, among them, according to the National Registrar's Office, of that number, 20 031 855 are women, and 18 788 046 are men. Across Colombia, 12 512 polling stations will be set up, 7 089 will be located in rural areas, 5 173 in urban areas, and 250 abroad.

Among the 727 823 designated voting jurors are teachers, university students, official and private company employees, and political parties and movements. A total of 2 819 candidates are registered, of which 925 are enlisted for the Senate of the Republic, 1 493 for the House of Representatives, and 401 for the Peace Seats.

Alexander Vega Rocha, National Registrar of Civil Status: “We are here to prove that the elections in Colombia are a matter of State”.

Despite the number of registered people, only 108 senators and 187 representatives to the House will be elected, making up the Congress with a total of 295 seats.

The Registrar's Office released that the pre-count will start with the inter-party consultations, then the Senate, the House of Representatives and culminates with the peace seats.

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