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Colombia: Duque Extends Peace Accord's Follow-up Until 2022

  • A woman holds a poster that reads,

    A woman holds a poster that reads, "No more killings of ex-combatants," at a protest in Bogota, Colombia, Sept. 10, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 25 December 2020

Experts hold that the decision is another cynical attempt to make people believe that President Ivan Duque is committed to achieving peace in his country.

Colombia's government and militants of the Revolutionary Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) Thursday extended until January 2022 the Commission devoted to promoting the Peace Agreement's implementation.


Ex-FARC Members March Over Selective Killings Against Them

The decision was taken during a meeting of the Commission for the Promotion, Follow-up, and Verification of Implementation (CSIVI) of the Peace Agreement signed with the extinct Colombian Armed Forces (FARC). 

According to experts, postponing the commision that was about to expire in January 2021 is another cynical attempt made by President Ivan Duque to make people believe that he is committed to achieving peace in Colombia. 

Presidential advisor Emilio Archila, however, vowed that Duque does intend "to maintain, as he has done to date, the agreement's implementation."

This statement unleashed anger among FARC representatives who denounced that Duque has "tear the agreement to shreds" instead of enforcing peace.

After the meeting, militants requested a reunion with the president to establish a plan to stop for good the systematic killing of ex-combatants. In 2020, at least 747 former guerrillas and social leaders have been killed.

"We need a real plan that considers the country's reality, as it stops the violence and insecurity of the peace signatories and guarantees a stable and lasting peace," FARC stated.

Essential agreements remain to be fulfilled, such as those related to agrarian and political reforms, paramilitary dismantling, and crop substitution.

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