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Colombia: Electoral Authorities Dismiss Fraud Allegations Amid Mounting Evidence

  • Evidence of electoral fraud in Colombia also marred the March legislative elections.

    Evidence of electoral fraud in Colombia also marred the March legislative elections. | Photo: Reuters

Published 31 May 2018

Several voting forms have been found to have blots and amendments that could have altered the results to favor Ivan Duque.

Colombia’s electoral authority, the National Registry, has dismissed allegations of fraud following the first round of the country's presidential elections, which took place on May 27.

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On Tuesday, Rivera tweeted: “Considering the social media publications that refer to irregularities in E14 forms corresponding to the May 27 elections we have summoned the National Commission of Electoral Guarantees. We will evaluate the complaints.”  

Images of E14 forms reveal the amendments predominantly benefited candidate Ivan Duque, the protege of former president Alvaro Uribe.

During an interview with local radio, National Registrar Juan Carlos Galindo said the data is "totally correct."

The national registrar, the attorney general, the president of the electoral council and spokespeople for the two campaigns that went on to the second round will participate in Thursday’s meeting.

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Alejandra Barrios, the director of Colombia’s Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) has issued public complaints against the National Registry for failing to release the documents needed to confirm whether the blots and amendments altered the results.

According to Barros independent electoral observers are left “in darkness” until the registrar agrees to release the voter forms. “We can’t go on like this,” Barrios said via Twitter.

In recent days the MOE has confirmed several polling stations didn’t have the required biometric identification systems and revealed that they had received over 100 complaints alleging individuals were faced with intimidation and other forms pressure to vote for some candidates. 

In March, the State Council ruled that the electoral body's failure to investigate allegations of fraud in the 2014 legislative elections harmed its credibility, some members of the Council branded the vote as "rigged." 

Senator Armando Benedetti, also alleged fraud in a tweet, Wednesday: “Mr. Registrar @jcgalindovacha, the outpouring of complaints along with the grave matter of the mafia altering public documents to cheat in the elections means you are responsible! Do not downplay the complaints; social networks are flooded with proof.”

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