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Colombia: Duque’s Representative in Negotiations Quit

  • Jhon Erik Larrahondo, another victim of Duque's repression

    Jhon Erik Larrahondo, another victim of Duque's repression

Published 23 May 2021

National strike in its 26th day. One youngster, Jhon Erik Larrahondo, was shot dead in Cali

Miguel Ceballos was the government's voice in the negotiations with the National Strike Committee. It is the third resignation in Duque's Executive in the last month.


Truth Commission To Investigate Repression in Cali

The strike is in its 26th day, showing unabated resolve across the country, in spite of growing and brutal repression on orders of Iván Duque.
One youngster, Jhon Erik Larrahondo was shot dead in Cali, while the Government announced the death of policeman Carlos Ceballos, member of the feared ESMAD squadron of riot-police, from burns caused by a Molotov cocktail.

In Cali, a roundtable was held with representatives from the “front line” and accompaniment from international human rights organizations.
The Calipso sector in the east of Cali, capital of the southern department of Valle del Cauca, became a battlefield when public security forces clashed with protesters from Saturday afternoon until the early hours of Sunday morning.
In Bogotá, a group of 16 lawmakers pleaded the Inter-American Human Rights Court to send a mission to Colombia as a matter of urgency.
In Cali, human rights groups denounced that said facilities of the Éxito chain store were used as a torture and murder center.
Since 03:00 hours on Saturday, the area was surrounded by a large number of police officers, who cordoned off all blocks and forced people to lock themselves in their homes.
The police action generated a strong confrontation with the so-called "front line", who with stones and sticks confronted security forces firing firearms, stun bombs and tear gas.
Everything exploded when the police prevented the entrance of human rights observers  to the Éxito Calipso warehouse where -according to the community- floors and clothes of the place remained with traces of blood.
The version has been denied by local authorities, who assured that they entered the warehouse and did not verify any of the allegations.
In the midst of the repeated scenes of violence and repression experienced in several neighborhoods of Cali since the national strike took shape, the organized communities denounce the disappearance of 558 people.
Neighbors of the area also reported sounds of gunshots, detonations and the overflight of a police helicopter during the night.
During the course of the night, the disturbances continued, while the demonstrators denounced the actions of the police.
On the other hand, human rights organizations reported that some people were seriously injured in these events, so it is expected that the authorities deliver a balance of what happened.
Through a publication in social networks, the Guagua Foundation denounced that the events in Calipso left two people dead, six injured and four detained.
"As a consequence of the brutal repression with firearms by the Police and the GOES in the points of Calipso and Puerto Madera. We hold the National Government, its minister Diego Molano and other military authorities responsible for what happened," said the foundation.
According to Contagio Radio, on Saturday night Jhon Erik Larrahondo was murdered in the Calipso sector in Cali.

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