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Colombian Lawyers Unite To Defend Police Brutality Victims

  • Citizens protest in Bogota, Colombia, May 2021.

    Citizens protest in Bogota, Colombia, May 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @JFColombia

Published 1 June 2021

So far, over 600 lawyers have expressed their interest in defending citizens who are being attacked by State terrorism.

A group of prestigious Colombian lawyers proposed to form a "Legal Front Line" to advise and help young people who have been victims of police brutality during the protests against President Ivan Duque unleashed on April 28.


Colombia Goes on Strike to Demand an End to Violence

The leader of the initiative is attorney Augusto Ocampo, who also called on all Colombian lawyers to join this cause. The national appeal, which was launched last Friday, has already received over 600 registrations.

"We already have a First Line of young people, mothers, teachers, and priests who have united to protect the protesters. From now on, we will also have a First Line of lawyers ready to defend them from injustice," Ocampo said.

"Let's support this initiative so it can be replicated throughout the country. Solidarity is the force that moves the world," attorney Miguel Angel del Rio tweeted.

The initiative was launched amid escalating police brutality in the country. Over the weekend, at least 10 young people were killed by Mobile Anti-Riot Squadron (ESMAD) agents in Cali.

"Duque insists on making invisible the terror Colombia is facing. Unarmed protesters are being repressed with rocket launchers and shots," said Marianela Navarro, a member of an international human rights mission.

According to NGO Temblores, 43 people have been killed and 1,113 protesters have been victims of physical violence from April 28 to May 28.

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