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Colombia: Capital Enters Quarantine After COVID-19 Cases Rise

  • The intensive care units of Bogotá are currently under Red Alert due to their high occupancy

    The intensive care units of Bogotá are currently under Red Alert due to their high occupancy | Photo: AFP/ Luis Robayo

Published 13 July 2020

Bogota´s Mayor said that contagion cases are starting to peak and will increase in the next six weeks

Starting on Monday, Bogotá enters a phased quarantine until August 23 due to an accelerated rise in COVID-19 cases.


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Mayor Claudia Lopez said to the press that the government had evidence that "practically one out of three tests in any neighborhood today is positive" so "the speed at which the pandemic 
is spreading in Bogota is alarming", the official added.

Local authorities issued an Orange Alert, for three groups of localities while the intensive care units of Bogotá are currently under Red Alert due to its large occupation.

According to the plan established by the authorities, a strict quarantine is been put in place from July 13 to July 26 to localities including Bolivar City; San Cristobal; Rafael Uribe Uribe; Chapinero; Santa Fe; Usme; The Martyrs and Tunjuelito.

"Together we will pass the peak of this pandemic! Today we start the strict quarantine by localities and until July 26, Ciudad Bolívar, San Cristóbal, Rafael Uribe, Chapinero, Santa Fe, Usme, Los Mártires and Tunjuelito must stay in and take care of themselves at home."

Following these dates, another quarantine will begin from July 27 to August 9 in Bosa, Kennedy, Puente Aranda, and Fontibón. Finally, a third quarantine will be declared for Suba; Engativá and Barrios Unidos from August 10 to 23.

Under the quarantine, all mobility will be restricted and alcoholic beverages can´t be sold. Moreover, a curfew is imposed from 20:00 hr to 5:00 hr the following day.

On her twitter account, López said that the number of COVID-19 contagion cases is starting to peak, and "it will continue to grow during the next six weeks."

The Mayor also said that the Capital is having a very high infection and mortality rate. "Yesterday we had 54 deaths, we´ve had three consecutive days with 2000 reported cases, at this speed we risk many deaths an a collapse of the health system, which is why we are going apply a strict 14 days quarantine in phases for localities", the official told to local media Noticias NCR.

Additionally, mandatory preventive isolation has been issued for the National Government.

The authorities also said that there will be an exception for activities such as public and private health services; procedures of the elderly, people with disabilities, and vulnerable citizens among others.


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