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Colombia: Awa Leader Nastacuas Suffered an Attack

  • Awa indigenous leader Mauro Nastacuas, Colombia.

    Awa indigenous leader Mauro Nastacuas, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @FelicianoValen

Published 25 December 2020

The house of this Indigenous leader was attacked with gunshots and explosives.

The Awa Indigenous community denounced an attack against the residence of Governor Mauro Nastacuas in Santa Rosita's Indigenous reservation in the Nariño Department.


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His home was attacked with an explosive device and gunshots. Fortunately, Nastacuas was not there at the time. This 29-year-old leader was elected Santa Rosita's governor for the 2021 year.

Awa People Indigenous Unity (UNIPA) spokesperson Carlos Nastacuas noted that there were no threats against the governor but he warned of the tense situation in the area due to the dispute among illegal armed groups.

"I reject the cowardly attack against Santa Rosita governor... It is not a crime to represent and defend the most unprotected communities, which are on the verge of physical and cultural extinction, such as the Awa," he stressed. 

UNIPA members also called on authorities to reinforce security in the region due to the constant attacks and acts of violence committed by gangs against them.

On June 6, UNIPA celebrated 30 years of its foundation, which was aimed at defending the Awa's human rights, territory, and culture.

In Colombia, there are 160 Awa communities and approximately 50 shelters located on the border with Ecuador and the department of Putumayo.

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