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Colombia: Another Social Leader Assassinated, #308 in 2020

  • Omar Moreno's assassination in Nariño makes him the 308th social leader in Colombia killed this year alone.

    Omar Moreno's assassination in Nariño makes him the 308th social leader in Colombia killed this year alone. | Photo: Twitter/@notipaco

Published 30 December 2020

On Tuesday, the assassination of Omar Moreno, social leader and member of the Independent Agricultural Workers Union of Meta - SINTRAGRIM, a survivor of the Patriotic Union, became known. 

Moreno was killed while driving a cab from the village of Llorente to Pasto in the department of Nariño.

According to the information provided by his relatives, the cab in which the social leader was traveling was intercepted by a motorcycle, and he was taken out of the vehicle and shot several times until he died.


Colombia: Massacre in Nariño is Posted on Social Media

However, in subsequent complaints, it has been stated that videos are circulating in the region that show the torture that the leader would have suffered. "The community has reported that OMAR was assassinated and disappeared because images and videos of the torture and assassination he was subjected to were circulated in the region by an armed group that calls itself OLIVER SINISTERRA.

This death is in addition to that of Armando Guanga, an indigenous leader, who was murdered last December 23. Alberto Anay, teacher and social leader, who was found murdered on December 27, and Jhonny Walter Castro, social leader and member of the National Table of Victims, murdered on November 20. According to the Indepaz register, 308 social leaders have been murdered and 90 massacres perpetrated so far in 2020.

"Confirmed: murder of Omar Moreno, who was taken out of an intermunicipal cab in Nariño by motorcyclists who shot him. Omar was affiliated with 'Sintragrim. Our solidarity with his family and sister Aide Moreno, a member of our Central Committee. We demand investigation"

Different leaders and organizations demand that the State guarantee meticulous investigations to find the perpetrators of these acts, and that it provide once and for all the security guarantees to carry out its work.

The murders of social leaders have been constant since the signing of the peace agreement, which is why both leaders and social organizations are calling for the fulfillment of what was agreed upon in Havana and for them to be able to exercise their work as human rights defenders without the fear of dying in their homes or in their regions.

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