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Colombia Advances to Eliminate Compulsory Military Service

  • Colombian troops.

    Colombian troops. | Photo: Twitter/ @Elpoliticonews

Published 26 October 2022

According to regulations related to a "legislative act," however, the bill still has to undergo eight debates for its final approval.

On Tuesday, the Senate approved the elimination of compulsory military service in Colombia. The decision was made with 58 votes in favor and 4 votes against.


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The bill was presented by Senator Humberto de la Calle and is aimed at gradually reducing the compulsory nature of military service until it is completely eliminated.

"This project is aimed at young Colombians who are looking for better options," De la Calle said, specifying that compulsory military service is not justifiable in a country that seeks peace.

During the debate in the Senate, he explained that the total elimination of compulsory military service will only occur from 2030.

The tweet reads, "Thanks to the conscientious objectors against the war in Colombia for their courageous pacifist, progressive political struggle; for their years of legal and pedagogical effort, and for their fight against compulsory military service! Change is woven. We are transiting." The sign reads, "You can't ignore so many people asking for change."

Meanwhile, the law will promote greater professionalization of the Armed Forces, as Colombians hope that the "social service for peace" is implemented.

According to regulations related to a "legislative act," the bill still has to undergo eight debates for its final approval, two of which have already been held as of yesterday. To ensure that the approval process continues on the right track, progressive lawmakers hope to hold four debates until December.

Given this situation, Senators De la Calle and Daniel Carvalho asked their colleagues to support the processing of a law that aims to consolidate peace in Colombia.

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