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Chomsky: Sanders Is the Best but Won't Win 'Bought Elections'

  • Chomsky said that Sanders was not a socialist, but a

    Chomsky said that Sanders was not a socialist, but a "New Dealer." | Photo: Reuters

Published 11 February 2016

The heavy-weight socialist intellectual said it was imperative for Democrats to win the U.S. presidential election.

U.S. linguist, analyst, intellectual and writer Noam Chomsky has declared that “decent, honest” Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would have the best policies if elected, even if he is not the socialist he purports to be.

"Bernie Sanders may call himself a socialist, but he's basically a New Dealer in the current American political system," Chomsky told Al Jazeera, explaining that a New Dealer means someone who is far out to the left of the field.

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“Bernie Sanders is a decent, honest New Dealer,” he added. “I agree with him on a lot of things, and not in other things.”

But according to the revered academic, Sanders is unlikely to make it to the White House in the system of “bought elections.”

Despite his preference for Sanders, Chomsky stated that it was imperative for a Democrat to land the United States’ top job, as if a Republican won instead it could “have enormous consequences.”

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He emphasized that not voting at all could would have the same effect as voting for Republicans.

“Abstaining from voting is a vote for the Republican candidate. My vote would be against the Republican candidate in a swing state (and) I said the same thing with Obama,” he said.

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