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China Warns of the Risks of a New Cold War

  • "We should never allow the world to slide into a new Cold War," said Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the UN. Aug. 25, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Chinamission2un

Published 25 August 2022

Chinese representative to the United Nations warns of the risks of a new Cold War.

On Wednesday, Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the UN, highlighted the importance of preserving global stability at the time that warned of the dangers that a new Cold War could bring to the international community.

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"The Ukraine crisis and a series of recent tense developments around the world show that ... we must be highly vigilant against any deliberate attempts to provoke troubles and intensify division and confrontation, and we must safeguard global strategic stability," said Zhang.

"We should never allow the world to slide into a new Cold War," he said during a UN Security Council meeting regarding the ongoing armed Ukraine conflict. He added that facts demonstrate that the mentality of a potential Cold War and bloc confrontation must be avoided.

The Chinese representatives recalled that after 30 years of the end of the Cold War, NATO's policy of expanding eastward had not made Europe a safe continent. He continued to highlight that security is a common interest for all nations, and that one country's community should not come at the cost of another. Zhang added that security could not be realized by beefing up military blocs.

China's envoy to the UN said that the constant obsession over military forces and seeking absolute security would only worsen the situation, which does not comprise the interests of the parties.

Economies across the world are deeply integrated, while certain countries only seek to impose unilateral sanctions, politicizing and weaponizing the economy and other relative sectors leading the people's livelihoods in developing countries to further difficulties, said the Chinese official, adding that this scenario has also threatened global food, energy, and financial security.

Zhang also rejected double standards and specific countries' selective application of rules. He considers that all countries should abide by the UN Charter and respect all nations' sovereignty and territorial integrity.


Zhang Jun
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