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China Rules Measures for Drought Relief

  • China takes measures to fight the drought. Aug. 16, 2022.

    China takes measures to fight the drought. Aug. 16, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Gladfly1

Published 16 August 2022

The Chinese government has established a package of measures for ensuring water supply in some municipalities.

To guarantee water supply for some parts of China that back-to-back heatwaves have hit, the government has implemented a package of measures in some regions of the country, including southwest China's Chongqing Municipality and central China's Hubei Province.

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Influenced by the heat, the precipitation average in Chongqing Municipality from July of the current year represents half compared with previous years. Drought has affected small and medium rivers, making them stop flowing. The figures indicate that over 600 000 people have been affected by this event, as well as 36 700 hectares of crops in the municipality.

On Monday, the municipal flood control and drought relief headquarters decreed an orange alert for drought and level-III emergency response, calling on authorities to implement measures to counter the drought and secure water supplies for urban and rural residents.

About 1000 residents have reported water shortages in the Hegeng Township of Yongchuan District, to which local authorities responded by sending the local fire department to use the water tanks of their fire trucks to deliver water to the villagers.

As part of the measures taken by the authorities, vehicles of water supply have been deployed to Luoping Village of Wushan County, Chongqing, to provide water for villagers and their livestock.

Drought relief teams have been dispatched to Qijiang District, Chongqing, with the order to inspect and maintain water supply facilities. Local authorities revealed that they plan to carry out artificial rain enhancement to alleviate the drought.

The municipal meteorological department foresees that heatwaves might continue in most areas of Chongqing until mid-August. The municipal flood control and drought relief headquarters invited all local authorities to take practical actions to secure drinking water safety and reduce agricultural losses due to drought.


China Drought
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