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China Responds in Light of Western Sanctions Threat

  • China's foreign minister, Wang Yi. March. 15, 2022.

    China's foreign minister, Wang Yi. March. 15, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@FikreJesus

Published 15 March 2022

China's Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, said that the country would continue to uphold its legitimate rights and interests in the light of Western sanctions, noting that China does not side with Russia in relation to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

In a telephone call with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Spain, José Manuel Albares Bueno, the senior official highlighted that China does not want sanctions to affect the country, remarking that it is not part of the crisis in Eastern Europe. 

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Wang Yi called for dialogue as the only way to ease the current escalation of tensions and resolve the conflict peacefully. He noted that all parties involved in the conflict should engage in discussions that advocate peace.

China had promoted talks between the two sides from the very beginning when the conflict began, the official also stated. In this regard, he expressed hope that new progress acceptable to all sides could emerge from the fourth round of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. 

The Chinese minister argued that multiple security conflicts accumulated over the years on the European continent have led to this crisis in Ukraine. He stated that all parties involved should address their legitimate security concerns to give the conflict the early resolution it needs. 

Beijing strongly condemns the Western sanctions imposed on Russia following its special military operation launched in late February 24. Wang explained that China has always taken a stand against unilateral sanctions that have no basis in international law. Such sanctions, far from solving any problems, undermine international norms and harm the welfare of people in all countries, the foreign minister said.  

The sanctions that the United States and its allies in Europe have exercised on Moscow as punishment has affected Russia's banking system, energy exports and technological development. Washington is now threatening China on the assumption that China will try to help Moscow overturn the restrictions. The United States has threatened to shut down Chinese chipmakers if they continue to trade with Russian companies. 

Unfounded claims have been made about a request from Moscow asking for Chinese military assistance to carry out its operation in Ukraine; however, officials from both Russia and China have rejected these claims. Wang Yi warned that some forces continue to discredit China's objective and fair position on the Ukraine issue, misleading public opinion with all kinds of false information.  


Wang Yi
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