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China Helps Create New Jobs in US

  • Qin Gang receives recognition by the Massachusetts Port Authority. Jam. 26, 2022.

    Qin Gang receives recognition by the Massachusetts Port Authority. Jam. 26, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@thellamobileapp

Published 26 January 2022

Nine thousand jobs have been saved and another 400,000 have been created with the direct vessel service from China to Boston port opened by China Ocean Shipping company in 2002. 


Such achievement has led Qin Gang, the Chinese ambassador, to be recognized by the Massachusetts Port Authority. Even though it is a fact U.S. media have ignored that, it is undeniable the crucial role of the Asian country in the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United States.


China Faces a Cold War Lead by the U.S.

The trade between China and U.S. has grown exponentially in the last year. As opposed to what the conventional narrative tells, the two nations could cooperate in the interest of boosting both economies.    

It is often noted, especially by Western media, the idea of China stealing American jobs. This should be carefully examined since it is a bit more of the Cold War the U.S. has been developing against China.    

This conventional perspective puts China's policy as the cause of all American problems. It is claimed that U.S. workers face issues associated with globalization with outsourcing and outsourcing of jobs to other markets, including moving the country's entire industrial base from the American heartland to places like China.  

But to comprehend this issue, it is needed to understand it as a natural consequence of the economic transformation arranged in today's society. The structural unemployment that the new world is facing nowadays is basically due to a gap between workers and the skills needed for the economy. This has nothing to do with individual actors but is a direct result of significant technological progress.  

What is worrying is that it is not new at all, and The U.S. government has not done anything. Experts have discussed the topic for a long time, and no government policies have been addressed to give it a solution. All they have done is blame foreign countries, namely China, which is only a way of impeding progress. 

Instead of confrontation and rivalry, a win-win mindset focused on mutual cooperation and growth between both powers would mean a potential, economically speaking, for the world. The world's second-largest economy efforts to connect the global economy are a reality and must not be taken lightly. There is no need to make hostile a ground that could help create U.S. jobs.



Qin Gang
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