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China Cultural Center to Promote Tea Culture in Brussels

  • Yaji Cultural Salon

    Yaji Cultural Salon "Tea for Harmony" event in Brussels. May. 5, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@chinascio

Published 5 May 2023

"...This event offers an opportunity for guests to gain familiarity with diverse tea varieties originating from 15 Chinese provinces..."

A cultural salon centered on the conventional techniques associated with Chinese tea preparation and social customs is scheduled to commence operations for public access on Friday, following the inauguration event held on Thursday at the China Cultural Center located in Brussels.


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The invitees present at the event were extended an invitation to immerse themselves in the intricate facets of the Chinese culture, encompassing tea ceremonies, sophisticated dances, captivating exhibitions, and enchanting melodies.

The Yaji Cultural Salon event, titled "Tea for Harmony," is currently open to the public until June 9th. This event offers an opportunity for guests to gain familiarity with diverse tea varieties originating from 15 Chinese provinces, encompassing green, black, white, dark, and yellow tea. The tea ceremonies are complemented by an exposition on the historical significance of Chinese tea and its contemporary societal relevance.

Yaji, which means "gathering all that is elegant" in the Chinese language, was a customary practice among ancient Chinese scholars for the purpose of shared appreciation of their cultural legacy. The objective of the occasion is to commemorate the addition of "traditional Chinese tea processing techniques and associated social practice in China" to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Representative List in November 2022.

Moreover, May 21st will signify the commemoration of the globally recognized "International Tea Day." According to Cao Zhongming, the Chinese ambassador to Belgium, the event is "a reflection of Chinese culture, which attaches great importance to peace, elegance and harmony between man and nature."

For two millennia, Chinese tea has been utilized as a commodity of trade across the globe. The initial routes of trade were established along the historic Silk Road that extended from Chang'an, the ancient capital of China, to Rome in Italy. The travelled a long way across the Central Asian region, encompassing numerous countries along its journey.

"The ancient Silk Road promoted communication and trade, but also cultural exchange between China and other countries. Chinese tea was one of the most important products traded along the Silk Road," Cao said.

"Cultural and economic cooperation between states is the basis for peace, for Europe and for the whole world. I think this exhibition showcases for the people of Europe and around the world how to live together," Miroslav Radacovsky, a member of the European Parliament, said at the opening event.

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