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Chile: Legislators Urge To Stop Violence Against Mapuche People

  • Citizens protesting against

    Citizens protesting against "colonialism" and in favor of the Mapuche people in Santiago, Chile, Oct. 7, 2017. | Photo: EFE

Published 3 August 2020

Civilians armed with sticks and stones engaged with Mapuche community members in the Araucania Region.

The human rights commissions of the Senate and the House of Representatives Sunday condemned the acts of violence against the Mapuche community in the Araucania Region.


Chile: Mapuche Spokesman Urges Release of Political Prisoners

The denounce came after dozens of civilians, armed with sticks and stones, gathered on Saturday night in several councils of Malleco province.

They were trying to violently evict Mapuche community members who had taken over these facilities to demand the release of several imprisoned comrades, who are on a hunger strike.

On August 2, in the Temuco prison, Juan Pichun, the Mapuche inmates spokesperson, denounced that the Araucania authorities keep political prisoners under unequal conditions.

As a result of the evictions, around 40 members of the Mapuche people were arrested, including several minors.

As stressed in the statement, legislators consider “unacceptable any racist or denigrating expressions made towards the Mapuche people during the eviction acts.”

"Equality cannot be separated from a person’s essential dignity, and is incompatible with any discriminatory treatment of privilege or inferiority", they said.

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