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Chilean Students Protest Controversial Exam in Santiago

  • Students protest while repeating the PSU that was suspended a few weeks ago.

    Students protest while repeating the PSU that was suspended a few weeks ago. | Photo: | Photo: Twitter @JhonJCastroH

Published 27 January 2020

The students have expressed their opposition to the repetitive and controversial PSU test that they claim is part of the profit and segregation system in Chilean education.

Chilean students are mobilizing to reject the PSU selection test that will be applied on Monday under strong security measures implemented by the police to avoid excesses inside the enclosures where the exam will take place.


Chile: Three Months of Social Unrest Under Harsh Repression

High school and university students, who have expressed their opposition to the repetitive and controversial PSU test that they claim is part of the profit and segregation system in Chilean education, protest at various points in Santiago, while the evaluation begins.

The Department of Evaluation, Measurement and Educational Registry (Demre) indicated that the University Selection Test (PSU) is under protection by police and the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) to avoid interruptions.   

On the outskirts of the San Sebastián University, a place designated to carry out the PSU, there is a protest of about 50 young people shouting slogans against this evaluation.

A group of young people deployed a huge blanket at the Plaza Egana metro station against the evaluation and staged a rally this morning so the service was temporarily suspended until the Carabineros intervention took place.

In front of the offices of the Demre, there is a protest by the 8m Coordinator against the surrender of the PSU. Protesters threw stones at students who tried to enter the headquarters of the University of San Sebastián in Los Leones.

The Coordinating Assembly of Secondary Students (ACES) announced last week that it would boycott the completion of the test.

"We are not going to fear, neither before the complaints, nor before the death threats, and less of the actions that the Ministry of the Interior or the Ministry of Education can take, that today is becoming a Ministry of the Interior two against the students and we are clear that we will continue to mobilize today,” said Victor Chanfreau, one of his spokespersons. 

This January 27 and 28, there will be 127,471 students who must take for the first time or repeat the PSU. 

The evaluation will begin at 10:00 a.m. local time in 38 cities of the country, with the application of the mathematics test, while at 4:00 p.m. the language test is planned.

At least 111,339 students must take the language and communication test at this time, while 70,291 will take the mathematics exam and 46,439 will take the science exam.

Students will be guarded by police and Demre personnel upon admission, where the use of bags or backpacks, entry without an identity card and identification card, or with cell phones will be prohibited.

The Interior Ministry warned that if there are disorders or some type of crime in the enclosures, police will be able to proceed; The essential thing is that students who want to take the test can do so with ease.

The PSU is a test rejected for its close relationship with market education imposed by the military dictatorship where significant modifications to the Chilean educational system were made by imposing rules of the market.

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