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Chilean Prosecutors Go On Indefinite Strike

  • "The government belittles state professionals," Chilean prosecutors denounce. Dec. 19, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@guayacanfmcl

Published 19 December 2022

The Chilean prosecutors' action is in protest of having been excluded from a wage increase announced to several public officials.

The National Association of Prosecutors (ANF) of Chile, began a strike in the Public Prosecutor's Office  this Monday, demanding to be included in the 12 percent readjustment for the year 2023 announced by the Chilean government.

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"We have decided, unanimously by the members of the Extraordinary National Council, to initiate a total strike of activities at the national level, starting this Monday, December 19," the ANF said through a communiqué.

The ANF president, Francisco Bravo, said that the Government's decision to exclude prosecutors "forces us to go to the private sector. This implies that the State loses highly trained professionals for public service. There are no incentives to join the State."

According to Bravo, public defenders will also join the mobilization, during which only the most urgent and "ethically necessary" proceedings will be carried out, with further rearrangements. 

The National Council of the National Association of Prosecutors informs that Tuesday, December 20, our mobilization and STOP CONTINUES only with ethical hearings, in the same terms as TODAY, which with the confirmed data was A COMPLETE SUCCESS throughout Chile!

"We have requested the rescheduling of hearings, except for the most important ones, those in which there are persons deprived of liberty, precautionary measures for domestic violence and those in which minors are involved. Ethically, we are not going to paralyze them. The entire criminal justice system of the country is being paralyzed, it is unprecedented, never before has a government been so inflexible to grant the minimum," said the ANF President.

For his part, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, said at a press conference that there is a bill to strengthen the Public Prosecutor's Office which will be presented by the Government after the appointment of the National Prosecutor.

Monsalve criticized the position adopted by the striking prosecutors, calling it unacceptable that in the midst of the country's current situation, "the prosecutors have the luxury of detaining and delaying criminal prosecution. It seems to me that this does not correspond, it is not acceptable, and I regret it very much."

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