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Chilean Musician Joe Vasconcellos Hospitalized After Bus Crash

  • What a great night Puerto Varas gave us yesterday in the last concert of the

    What a great night Puerto Varas gave us yesterday in the last concert of the "El Vuelo" Winter Tour. Infinite thanks to all! | Photo: @joevasconcellos

Published 3 September 2018

The prolific composer who has produced Latin American rock fusion for the past three decades is in serious condition after his tour bus went off a bridge. 

Chilean singer and composer Joe Vasconcellos, best known for his use of Brazilian percussion and Latin American fusion rock, is in the hospital after surviving a bus accident early Monday morning as he traveled with his crew back to Santiago, Chile.

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In the early hours of Monday via the singers, composer’s Twitter account, a member of Vasconcellos’ touring crew wrote that the artist and six of his band members were in the hospital for severe injuries after their bus got a flat tire and rolled over.

The team of musicians was returning to the capital after visiting a Mapuche community near San Juan de la Costa, in rural southern Chile, about 1,100 km from the capital.

Vasconcellos was taken to the Los Angeles hospital near Osorno, Chile close to where the accident took place. The hospital’s director, Brian Romero said that the singer’s situation is serious but not life-threatening and will need surgery.

Gustavo Becerra, Vasconcellos producer, told Chilean media of the accident: "We were all sleeping and we woke to blows and movements. Thank God we're all well."

Becerra added, "Joe is quiet, he's under observation right now, he's being evaluated along with the other teammates, including the bus drivers."

The producer explained, "we were coming back from visiting a rural school in Pucatrihue in San Juan de la Costa. We had been with children from a Mapuche community exchanging experiences with them. They were showing us their art and we shared ours. With all that affection we were coming back to Santiago."

Of the 21 on the tour bus band members, Felipe Castillo, Ignacio Jorquera, Pablo Valbuena, Julian Vivas, Alex Hermosilla, and Juan Gonzalez, along with Vasconcellos were also hospitalized for serious injuries.

In addition to visiting the Mapuche school, Vasconcellos was on his summer tour, ‘El Vuelo’ — The Flight.

The singer, born in Chile, but who has lived extended periods in Italy and Brazil has published seven studio albums, three EPs, and at least two live records. He has also contributed extensively to Chilean folk music.


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