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Chile: Lower House Approves Death with Dignity Bill

  • A doctor holds the hand of a dying patient, Santiago de Chile, Chile.

    A doctor holds the hand of a dying patient, Santiago de Chile, Chile. | Photo: Twitter/ @tarlouze

Published 21 April 2021

People suffering from incurable and progressive diseases will benefit from this law if it is passed by the Senate.

Chile's Lower House on Tuesday approved a "Death with Dignity" bill that will allow euthanasia for terminally ill patients over 18 years old.


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The initiative, which began to be debated in 2014, was unanimously approved by 141 lawmakers. To become law, however, the Senate must approve it.

People suffering from incurable, irreversible, and progressive diseases, and with no possibility of curative treatments, will benefit from this law.

The bill proposes to regulate medical help in dying. The substance must be administered by a health professional, as long as the patient requested it.

The sick person will also be able to self-administer the substance to cause his or her own death, always under medical supervision.

Those who accept the dignified death may repent up to the very last minute, expressing their change of mind even through kinesics or gestures.

Regulations to implement euthanasia should be issued by the Health Ministry within three months after the Senate passes the Law.

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