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Chile: Provoste Is 3rd Candidate to Run For the Precidency

  •  Yasna Provostne during an election meeting in Magallanes, Chile, Aug. 21, 2021.

    Yasna Provostne during an election meeting in Magallanes, Chile, Aug. 21, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @then24dotcom

Published 22 August 2021

She will challenge Go Chile candidate Sebastian Sichel and I Approve Dignity Pact candidate Gabriel Boric in the upcoming elections.

On Saturday, Chile's President of the Senate Yasna Provoste won the Social-Democrat Primary Elections with an overwhelming majority of 62.2 percent of the votes and will represent the Constituent Union alliance in the Nov. 21 Presidential Elections.


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"This country cannot think the next government will come to experiment, to make trial-and-error tests. We cannot either think we will change from one Sebastian to another. We have to offer a better destiny to our country," Provoste said after the election result was published on Saturday night.

The Senator beat Paula Narvaez and Carlos Maldonado, who admitted their defeat and endorsed Provoste's candidacy to the Presidency.

Throughout the night, Narvaez and Maldonado issued messages calling their supporters not to vote for Piñera's candidate Sebastian Sichel since he represents the no-change path, something that will certainly harm Chile.

This primary was not organized by the National Electoral Service (Servel), which took part in right-wing Go Chile (Chile Vamos) and leftist I approve Dignity Pact (Apruebo Dignidad) primaries, where Sebastian Sichel and Gabriel Boric won their respective elections.

Constituent Union is made up of the Party for the Democracy (PPD), the Christian Democrat Party (DC), the Radical Party (RP), the Socialist Party (PS), The New Time Party (NT), and the Liberal Party (PL), which called about 150.000 voters to decide over their candidate.

Most of them attended together with a few non-militant citizens, who cast their votes in the 300 polling stations deployed all over the country.

However, the political might of Provoste and Constituent Union seem limited, aiming to the Presidential Elections since her rivals count on a considerably wider electoral basis.

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