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Chile: Police-Involved In Force Misuse Scandal

  • This is not the first time Chile police

    This is not the first time Chile police "Carabineros" are embroiled in controversy due to force misuse. | Photo: EFE

Published 11 June 2020

A man is bedridden in the hospital after a cop shot him in the head with a gas bomb gun.

Chilean Police (Carabineros) seriously wounded a man during protests demanding government aid amidst coronavirus pandemic crisis, according to a statement released by the victim family on Thursday.


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Manuel Flores Osorio was shot in the head by a policeman when he was at his house surroundings in the Villa Francia neighborhood. The shot, triggered by an officer, strongly impacted in Osorio's forehead, causing severe damage. According to the statement, the fragments penetrated his skull and lodged in his brain

"He was with two friends when riots began(...)Then pepper gas and water cannons arrived and a patrol stopped next to my uncle, a policeman got off the car and triggered his gas bomb shotgun straight to his head," niece Alida Illanes related.

"Statement released by Manuel Flores family, who was assaulted by the police"

"A 12-hours neurosurgery procedure in been performed right now. Even if he gets out of it alive, he won't be able to remember anything nor his family. He might remain in a vegetative state. His only crime was to be outside his house, hanging out harmlessly," she complained.

Protests demonstrations in Osorio's neighborhood have taken place due to the quarantine imposed over Covid-19. This measure has led to a situation where many people have been unable to work, arising the struggle to acquire food. Because of this, a demonstration has been called for this Thursday in Villa Francia in response to the attack.

Chile's police know as "Carabineros" has been embroiled in controversy due to allegedly brutal force used to suppress social protests. Nevertheless, they have not yet rendered any judgments related to Osorio's matter up to now.

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