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Chile Plebiscite: Police Repression Prior to Polls Closing

  • Protesters confront the police today in Chile

    Protesters confront the police today in Chile | Photo: EFE

Published 25 October 2020

According to the complaints, the police attacked citizens with tear gas before the plebiscite's end.


Various social organizations denounced this Sunday repression by Carabineros (Chilean Police) against protesters who gathered in the Plaza de la Dignidad, located in Santiago de Chile, minutes after the polls closed for the constitutional plebiscite.

Although the day was developing peacefully, a group of police attacked the citizens with water and tear gas jets, preventing the people's gathering temporarily. Ultimately the police retreated, and people have taken over the square.

According to witnesses, the place is surrounded by police officers. Likewise, alternative media journalists also denounced attacks by the police against their work teams.

A few hours after the closing of the electoral day, thousands of Chileans expected to gather in the Plaza de la Dignidad (Dignity Square) to honor the repression victims and celebrate a hypothetical victory for the change of the Constitution in the southern country.

Through voting, Chileans will seek to convene a Constituent Assembly to change the current Magna Carta for one that guarantees fundamental rights and buries the legacy of the Pinochet dictatorship.

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