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Chile: Organizations Ask For Cuba's Help To Face Covid-19

  • Worldwide many believe that Henry Reeve Brigade deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

    Worldwide many believe that Henry Reeve Brigade deserves the Nobel Peace Prize | Photo: EFE/ Roberto Filibeck

Published 10 June 2020

1,800 signatures asking for the Henry Reeve Brigade have been collected so far. It will be presented next week to President Sebastián Piñera.

Days, after Cuban Henry Reeve brigade returned from Italy, where they spent over three months fighting against COVID-19,  a campaign to collect signatures to request its presence, is underway in Chile, organizers released on Wednesday.


Covid-19: Santiago Is Hardest Hit In Chile

The campaign, promoted by Solidarity with Cuba organizations, it's called "A brigade for Chile, a Nobel Prize for peace " and seeks the help of the Caribbean island's health professionals to deal with the pandemic.

"Under this global pandemic, Henry Reeve Brigade has been recognized in more than 50 countries for its solidarity and selfless professional dedication," the statement says. Citizens and Organizations from several countries nominated the brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Campaign from Chile, A Brigade for Chile, A NOBEL FOR PEACE!"

All the signatures will be reflected in a letter that organizers will address next week to President Sebastián Piñera. According to them, Cuba already supplied health services after September 2010 earthquake in Chile, and those services would be necessary amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cuban doctors will also help Chilean health workers to cope with a moment where hospitals are nearly collapsed. The South American nation "currently has high infection rates, unfortunately ranking first places in Latin America," organizers stated.

So far 1,800 signatures have been collected, including those from several mayors and councilors from different political forces. At this moment, Chile reports 148,496 positives cases, with 2,475 death and 95,631patients recovered.

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