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  • A photo of Jaime Stiusso, taken by airport security.

    A photo of Jaime Stiusso, taken by airport security. | Photo: Argentine Government

Published 23 April 2015

Antonio Stiusso, a suspect in the death of attorney Alberto Nisman, has fled the country and is in the United States.

The lawyer of former Argentine Intelligence Chief Antonio “Jaime” Stiusso confirmed late Wednesday that his client will not attend any hearing regarding several cases opened against him.

Stiusso was set to testify Thursday regarding his role in the investigations on the 1994 AMIA bombing of a Jewish cultural center. Stiusso is a suspect in the suspicious death of attorney Alberto Nisman, who was overseeing an investigation into the bombing. Nisman reportedly tried to contact Stiusso the day before his death.

The death of Nisman rocked Argentina earlier this year, with some seeking to pin the blame on the government of Cristina Fernandez, a move dismissed as being politically motivated.

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Santiago Blanco Bermudez, Stiusso's lawyer, clarified that his client would not attend any hearing regarding any case in which he is being investigated. He added his client is not in the country.

Last week, Argentinian authorities received reports on Stiusso traveling from Argentina to the United States with an Italian passport.

The Argentine cabinet chief, Anibal Fernandez, clarified that the government cannot require an international arrest warrant of the former intelligence chief and it would be the Argentine justice's responsibility to do so.

Stiusso is also facing charges of money laundering, providing false information to authorities, contraband, dereliction of duty, hiding evidence and illicit enrichment among others.

Analysts believe that the former intelligence chief could be soliciting political asylum to the U.S. government, due to the strong relationship he held with the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires.

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