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Chile: Lawmakers Dismiss Postponement of Abril Elections

  • A man casts her vote, Chile, Oct. 25, 2020.

    A man casts her vote, Chile, Oct. 25, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @AJEnglish

Published 24 December 2020

Chileans will choose their sub-national authorities and the assembly members who will draft a new constitution.

Chile's Parliament on Thursday rejected a proposal to postpone the regional and conventional constituents' elections set to take place in April next year. 


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The proposal was presented by a group of mayors who pointed out that the increase in COVID-19 cases and agglomerations during the elections could hamper the occurrence of an adequate electoral process.

The Chilean Association of Municipalities (CAM), opposition lawmakers, and official figures rejected the proposal which would have implied a referendum and the Congress' approval.

 "I don't think the electoral calendar has to change... With the appropriate measures and safeguards, we should carry out the elections without any inconvenience," lawmaker Pablo Macaya said.

On November 29, Primary Elections took place to elect political coalitions' candidates for 2021 elections. The day was marked by a considerable high abstention as only 2.89 percent of eligible voters cast their votes.

The Broad Font (BF), Constituent Unity (CU), GO CHile (CV), Ecologists, and Independents were the four coalitions that participated in the elections.

According to the electoral calendar, the candidacies will be accepted by the Electoral Service (Servel) until January 11, 2021.


Pablo Macaya
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