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Chile Declares State of Emergency After Volcano Eruption

  • The eruption of the Calbuco volcano was captured by several photographers

    The eruption of the Calbuco volcano was captured by several photographers | Photo: Reuters

Published 22 April 2015

Authorities have issued a nation-wide red alert.

Chile is in a state of emergency Wednesday, after volcano Calbuco in the south of the country surprisingly erupted. 

The volcano had been inactive for over 40 years but exploded into life earlier today.

(Chilean media outlets captured the eruption live)

The Calbuco volcano is located 900 kilometers south of Chile's capital Santiago, and is also 600 kilometers away from Argentine Nequen province.

Authorities expect the ashes from the eruption to reach Argentina.

Another volcano in Chile is also in eruptive phase, the Villarica volcano, which is located close to Cabulco.

Several people have captured the eruption of the volcano and have shared their pictures through social media.

The explosion of Calbuco volcano caught the country by surprise | Photo: Reuters

(A national police – Carabineros – airplane flying over the area of the eruption, looking for possible villages affected or in risk)

The national police force is already helping in the evacuation of the areas in risk, situated in a 20 kilometer radius from the volcano, and continue analyzing other possible areas that need to be evacuated.

(Translation: “Carabineros (national police force of Chile) are verifying, right now, the posible risk zones to evacuate”)

The Health Ministry has issued a series of preventions to the population, such as protecting the skin and hair with the appropriate clothing and accessories.

(The Health Ministry is advising people to follow a series of safety measures in case they are located in an area were ashes are falling)

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