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Chile Declares Red Alert For Fires In Two Regions

  • Chilean firefighters suffocating flames, Chile, Jan. 24, 2022

    Chilean firefighters suffocating flames, Chile, Jan. 24, 2022 | Photo: EFE

Published 24 January 2022

Over the past days, forest fires have seriously damaged two communes . 

On Saturday, Chile's National Emergency Office (ONEMI) decreed a Red Alert due to massive wildfires affecting several areas in the Valparaiso and Ñuble regions.


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The burning of 15 hectares of different types of vegetation in the Ñuble region has seriously affected houses located at the rural areas of the El Carmen and Quillon communities.

Firefighters are working since last week with the support of other companies from Pemuco and Chillan. Besides having the support of ground brigades, they are using aerial equipment to contain the flames that continue to destroy everything in their path.

Meanwhile, other companies in the Quintero commune had to ask for help from the Military Police to evacuate nearby houses due to a fire that has now consumed 5 hectares and threatens to expand due to strong winds.

Last year, severe fires also affected the southern Chilean region, leaving a disastrous toll of 11,000 hectares consumed by the blazes, which meant a considerable increase of 380 percent compared to the previous year.

According to the authorities, the rapid spread is due to the so-called "30-30-30 factor", meaning that more than 30 degrees Celsius, less than 30 percent humidity in the atmosphere, and winds exceeding 30 kilometers per hour bring about perfect conditions for disaster.

ONEMI Regional Director Mauricio Bustos expressed that the fire in the Valparaiso region is currently more manageable than when it started. However, houses are definitely at risk in that area.

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