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Chile: 9 People Arrested In Protests for Pension Withdrawal

  • Military policy detain protesters in Santiago, Chile, April 21, 2021.

    Military policy detain protesters in Santiago, Chile, April 21, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 22 April 2021

President Piñera opposes citizens withdrawing a part of their savings deposited in private pension funds.

Nine Chilean citizens were arrested on Wednesday amid protests sparked by President Sebastian Piñera's attempt to stop a third pension withdrawal.


Chile: President Piñera Has No Intention To Pardon Protesters

The protests began in the afternoon with pot-banging from the balconies of several neighborhoods in Santiago. Later, hundreds of citizens were repressed by the Police when they took to the streets amid the curfew.

According to police authorities, five people arrested were imprisoned for violating health regulations. The other four protesters were detained for public disorder and attacking a police vehicle in motion.

The social anger was unleashed after the government put pressure on the Constitutional Court (TC) to stop Congress' discussion on the bill that will allow the people to withdraw money from the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP). 

If Congress approves the initiative, those workers who contribute to this private retirement system could withdraw part of their funds to face the economic crisis.

"Making a third withdrawal of pension funds is an attack against the life quality of Chileans, who will see their future pensions diminished," Piñera said to justify his actions. According to the leftist lawmaker Raul Soto, however, this is not what really worries the president. 

"The withdrawal, which is supported by most of the society, is questioned by Chile's right-wing. The people are tired of the scam that means the privatization of pensions, inherited from the dictatorship," he recalled.

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