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Chile: 10 Women Killed In Nursing Home Fire

  • A sign reads

    A sign reads "Santa Marta Rest House", at the site where a major fire destroyed a nursing home, killing ten women, in Concepcion, Chile August 14, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Published 14 August 2018

The Santa Marta Rest Home in the Concepcion Comune caught on fire where 42 residents were present at the moment. The fire killed 10 elderly women.

In Chiguayante, over 500 kilometers south of Santiago, two rooms in the Santa Marta nursing home caught on fire early Tuesday, killing 10 elderly women. Only three women were rescued from the two burning dormitories, local media reported. 

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The fire in the "Santa Marta Rest Home" in the Concepcion Comune took place when 42 residents were present at the time and killed 10 elderly women. One of the 3 survivors of the rooms blazed was hospitalized. Officials highlighted that luckily the flames did not spread to the other areas of the house.

The Chilean Presidency Press body reported that President Piñera has visited the ruins of Santa Marta nursing house shortly after the incident with other government officials.

"Pdte Sebastian Piñera visits the nursing hum of Santa Marta that suffered a fire this morning in Chiguayante, with the Intendant Jorge Ulloa and Mayor Jose Antonio Rivas"

Investigations are underway to determine the causes of the fire. Local media reported that a wood-burning stove was found inside the nursing home.

However, Prosecutor Michelangelo Bianchi, who is in charge of the investigation, said witnesses reported an explosion before the fire, indicating a possible short circuit. According to authorities, the staff checked the rooms shortly before the incident happened, and no irregularities were found.

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