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Chad: "Civilian Government" Appointed by Military Junta

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    Watching the new "civilian government" in D'Jamena | Photo: Twitter/ @DeleMomodu

Published 2 May 2021

Military Junta's head Mahamat Idriss Deby created a new National Reconciliation Ministry.

Chad's Transitional Military Council on Sunday named a transition government made up of 40 ministers and deputy ministers and led by Albert Pahimi Padacke, who was appointed last Monday.


Chad: Protesters on the Street Against Military Junta

The new government was entirely chosen by the son of late President Deby,  37-year-old Mahamat, who is leading the Military Council that took over power after Deby's death in April. Therefore, it held no suspense, as his top threats had been sidelined.

Mahamat created a new National Reconciliation Ministry to be headed by Acheick Ibn Oumar, a former rebel chief who became a diplomatic adviser to the presidency in 2019.

Moreover, one of the opposition leaders Mahamat Ahmat Alhabo was appointed as Justice Minister, and two other portfolios were given to National Union for Democracy and Renewal, an opposition organization led by Saleh Kebzabo.

The Junta also announce the lifting of the curfew in an attempt for normalizing life in the country.

The situation in the African country is tense since people were going to the streets to protest against the military junta's decision to hold the power for at least 18 months.

Chad, with a well-respected fighting force, is central to the West's fight against jihadists in the Sahel. France is the most influential power having its 5,100-strong Barkhane anti-jihadist force headquartered in the country's capital  N'Djamenawhere.

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