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Castro to Take The Oath As Honduran President Before A Judge

  • President-elect Xiomara Castro, Honduras.

    President-elect Xiomara Castro, Honduras. | Photo: Twitter/ @Abriendo_Brecha

Published 21 January 2022

She will not attend a swearing-in ceremony carried out by a Congress whose President was elected through political treason.

Xiomara Castro announced she will swear as president of Honduras before a judge instead of doing it before Jorge Calix, who was elected as president of Congress on Friday when a betrayal was consummated within the ranks of the future ruling party.


Honduras Advances Preparations for Xiomara Castro Inauguration

In October 2021, her Freedom and Refounding Party (LIBRE) nominated lawmaker Luis Redondo for the presidency of Congress as part of an agreement with the Saving Honduras Party (PSH). On Friday morning, however, an unprecedented event altered that possibility.

In an act described as a political betrayal, 20 lawmakers from the president-elect's own party allowed the election of Calix as speaker of the Congress with their votes.

"The Honduran people voted in the elections for a true change to eliminate the neoliberal model that prevailed for years in the country. Fanned by the ambition for power, a group has decided to continue the regime of corruption and impunity," Castro condemned, recalling that legislators of the conservative National Party (PN) nominated Calix. 

According to Castro, the action of the 20 treacherous lawmakers generates a wake-up call for the Honduran people to be vigilant and ready to enforce their will for change in the future.

"I will rule by the hand of our people, and I will fight tirelessly until we re-established the rule of law," she assured, stressing that political unity will be fundamental to achieving this goal.

The Parliament’s board of directors will be permanently installed on Sunday and will begin its legislative term on Jan. 25, two days before Castro’s swearing-in.

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