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Caricom Urges Transparent Elections in Guyana To Avoid More Victims

  • Guyanese citizens have been waiting for results since Monday's election.

    Guyanese citizens have been waiting for results since Monday's election. | Photo: Twitter/@teleSURtv

Published 9 March 2020

Caricom recalled that all parties made serious accusations against each other, and insisted that good sense, preservation of law and order prevailed.

The Caribbean Community (Caricom) issued a statement Sunday encouraging officials and political parties in Guyana to count each vote and complete the interrupted electoral process avoiding any more victims.

Guyana: Voting Results Postponed Again Amid Political Crisis

The organization urged to seek peace in the streets and the communities after one death was reported. "The loss of one life is already too much," said the statement.

"We ask the parties to focus not only on who the President will be but also on who will be alive next week or next month."

The organization said they talked with both the president and the leader of the opposition, and Caricom is ready to be present, to facilitate dialogue and to do whatever action is necessary.

The regional bloc asked again the Electoral Commission of Guyana (Gecom) to complete the process. "We are very clear, every vote must be made to count; and transparently like this," it emphasized.

"We will work together to create space for dialogue and resolution, once all parties accept there is greater interest beyond the simple result of this election," the statement concludes.

As for the international observers' missions, they asked electoral authorities to resume the tabulation of votes in region four to overcome the existing limbo and proclaim an official result.

Meanwhile, it still has not been possible to declare a reliable result of the elections of March 2, sparking protests in the streets last Friday on possible fraud claims.

The electoral battle opposes the official Alliance for National Unity + Alliance for Change (UNPA + AFC) and the opposition People's Progressive Party (PPP).

President David Granger affirmed that he "cannot, did not and will not interfere in the work of Gecom," the electoral authorities of the country, while accusing the opposition of "creating an atmosphere of intimidation and fear (... which...) led to the interruption of Gecom’s work."

The AFC's candidate added that on the opposition's request, the conflict was now about to be reviewed by the country's constitutional court on March 10, and once the court would give its verdict, Gecom would continue its work. 

Meanwhile, in a video message, PPP's leader Bharrat Jagdeo hinted that his party would be open to talks on a power-sharing governance system after verified results are published.

More than 661,000 Guyanese were eligible to participate in the elections and vote for the next president, as well as the 65 seats of the National Assembly, for the following term 2020-2025.

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