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Canada To Send New Shipment of Weaponry to Ukraine

  • The Canadian Minister of Defense, Anita Anand. May. 24, 2022.

    The Canadian Minister of Defense, Anita Anand. May. 24, 2022. | Photo: Europa Press / Adrian Wyld

Published 24 May 2022

Canada will provide the Ukrainian forces with more than 20,000 artillery shells and $98 million worth of war supplies to help them counter Russia's special military operation, according to Defense Minister.

Canadian authorities announced on Tuesday that a new shipment of weapons, worth 91.3 million euros, will be sent to Ukraine, with the argument that it is to help the Kiev government defend itself against the Russian aggression.


The History of NATO's Expansion in a Nutshell

The Canadian Minister of Defense, Anita Anand, has confirmed that Ottawa will send about 20,000 artillery shells previously purchased from the United States for an amount of 98 million dollars.

"I am here to announce the new Canadian military aid package to Ukraine. I can confirm that Canada purchased more than 20,000 155-millimeter artillery shells, which is the NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] standard caliber. The package will also include detonators and backpacks at a cost of over $98 million," she said.

These munitions will be used to fuel the M777 howitzers previously supplied by Canada to the Ukrainian Army, as well as by other allies of the European country.

Ottawa's announcement comes after U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced Monday that a score of countries had pledged to provide additional weapons to Kiev following the second meeting of the military contact group for Ukraine. 

Since the start of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, Canada has provided Kiev with armored vehicles, drone cameras, weapons equipment and defensive equipment such as bulletproof vests. In addition, Ottawa deployed a contingent of more than 100 soldiers to Poland in April to help Ukrainian refugees.


Anita Anand
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