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  • Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May outside Downing Street in London, Britain March 22, 2019.

    Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May outside Downing Street in London, Britain March 22, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 March 2019

'The end is nigh. She will be gone in 10 days,' says a cabinet member of Prime Minister Theresa May, according to Reuters.

British Prime Minister Theresa May may be out of the job sooner rather than later as her own senior ministers are calling to replace the PM who can’t get her Brexit agreement through parliament. UK news outlet The Sunday Times says her deputy and Conservative Party leader, David Lidington will be the one to lead the government prior to new polls.

May Accepts EU Offer to Extend Brexit Deadline

London’s The Sunday Times reports that the news outlet had spoken with all 11 cabinet members who agreed May was an “erratic” figure whose judgment has “gone haywire.” One minister is quoted as saying to political editor, Tim Shipman: “The end is nigh. She will be gone in 10 days,” according to Reuters.

Even as a possible no-deal Brexit looms senior officials within the government tell The Guardian that parliament won’t allow that to happen, that a no confidence vote against May is more likely to get through.

“No-deal is not going to happen. Parliament will not allow it,” a senior Downing Street official said. “There are so many people opposed to this in parliament that there would be a confidence motion in the government before no-deal. That could mean a general election.”

Who may take May's place before elections would be held later this year is between Lidington who voted to stay within the bloc, and Brexit advocate, Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

Prime Minister May’s deal was rejected by the House of Commons in mid-January, 432 to 202 making it a sitting government’s widest parliamentary defeat in UK history. It was rejected again two weeks ago, forcing the PM to ask the EU for an April 12 extension, from the original March 29 agreement, to try to renegotiate a deal that now over four million Britons say they don’t want. If parliament passes the deal the extension will reach until May 22.

'People's Vote' March Demands New Brexit Referendum, Hundreds of Thousands Attend

May herself has been unclear whether or not she’ll bring the agreement back to the Commons for a third vote Tuesday, saying she’d only do so if there was "sufficient support" for the document.

Pro-Brexit within the ruling Conservative party didn’t like May’s deal because it left Britain still too tied to Europe.

The Labour Party argues that leaving the EU would place UK jobs at risk, especially in manufacturing that relies on frictionless trade with Europe. Other opposition parties, such as the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party have said they will oppose any Brexit deal and want to call for a second referendum to reverse the Brexit process that was put in motion by the country’s first public consult in 2016.  

Parliament voted 85 to 334 against a new referendum, the so-called People’s Vote, March 14.

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