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Brazil’s Temer Would Extend Presidency ‘if There Was a Need’

  • Brazilian President Michel Temer.

    Brazilian President Michel Temer. | Photo: Reuters

Published 5 May 2017

Brazilian President Michel Temer has a disapproval rating of 87 percent, according to recent polls.

On Thursday, Brazilian President Michel Temer was interviewed on RedeTV, where he alluded to extending his presidency if “there was a need.”

Brazil Unions Vow More Protests Against Temer Labor Reforms

During the interview, Temer said, “I believe that I've fulfilled my roll in the national political scene. Hence, I believe there's useful space for other politicians who'll come. That's the idea that I have in mind today. I just hope that our reforms work out and that there's no need to request that I continue (as president)."

The declaration reinforces the general perception that there is growing political stability underway in Brazil.

Also on Thursday, Brazilian President of the Chamber of Deputies Rodrigo Maia summoned a special commission to analyze a constitutional amendment proposal that would essentially postpone Brazil's presidential election until 2020.

Despite increasingly-undeniable political instability in Brazil, Temer slammed the democratically-elected Venezuelan government, echoing claims made by the right-wing opposition that the administration is "undemocratic."

Notwithstanding a trifling disapproval rating of 87 percent (Ipsos poll) and 85 percent of Brazilian society demanding immediate democratic elections (DataFolha poll), Temer, in an interview with EFE, stated that Venezuela's problems will only be resolved with “free elections.” He also warned that if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denies Venezuelan citizens this democratic right that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will forfeit its “conviviality status” within the Mercosur regional group.

Vote on Controversial Brazil Pension Reform Delayed Until May

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Maduro presented the official decree to the National Electoral Council in Caracas to call for a constituent assembly in a move to address high-running political tensions.

According to Luis Felipe Miguel, a professor at the University of Brasilia, Temer has revealed that his “usurped term in office is not determined by any legal deadline, but by the fulfillment of a determined program.” The program is reported to include the removal of worker's rights and the annihilation of the Worker's Party.

The move to annul next year's presidential elections comes on the heels of the latest DataFolha poll which shows ex-Brazilian president, Lula, leading voting intentions with 29 percent to 31 percent. Ousted former president Dilma Rousseff has always warned about the possibility of the 2018 elections being canceled.

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