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Brazil's Socialist Party Rejects Bolsonaro's Gun Law Relaxation

  • President Jair Bolsonaro, Brasilia, Brazil.

    President Jair Bolsonaro, Brasilia, Brazil. | Photo: Twitter/ @yuri_c_anjos

Published 18 February 2021

In this South American country, public controls on weapons use are weak and violent homicides are rising.

Brazil's Socialist Party (PSB) on Wednesday filed a lawsuit before the Supreme Court urging the suspension of the four decrees issued by President Jair Bolsonaro to relax firearms access.


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"Bolsonaro's decision will encourage citizens to possess real arsenals, which will lead to an increase in violence and mortality," the PSB warned, adding that the gun law relaxation poses a serious threat to society.

"From now on, criminal gangs will have greater access to firearms," the Socialists assured and recalled that Bolsonaro's true intentions seek to urge their supporters to defend their political stances in a violent way.

On Friday, the far-right President issued four new decrees allowing the possession of up to six firearms per citizen. The rules were backed by Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo and Justice Minister Andre Mendonca.

Other opposition leaders questioned the measure as Bolsonaro is trespassing on his powers. In Brazil, legislating is Parliament's exclusive competence.

One decree allows snipers and hunters to purchase a larger number of ammunition units. Meanwhile, security authorities can only buy two restricted-use weapons.

"In 2020, gun purchases in Brazil nearly doubled as 180,000 new weapons were registered, the highest number on record. However, controls on weapons purchase and use are weak and violent homicides are rising," Brazilian journalist Lais Martins reported.

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