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Brazil’s Landless Workers Sell Organic ‘Get Out Temer’ Beer

  • "Get Out Temer" beer. | Photo: Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes

Published 5 May 2017

The MST has sold bottles of its organic “Get Out Temer” beer in droves at the ongoing Second National Agrarian Reform Fair in São Paulo.

Brazil’s Landless Workers' Movement, MST, has sold over a hundred bottles of its organic “Get Out Temer” beer within 24 hours at the ongoing Second National Agrarian Reform Fair in São Paulo, Brasil de Fato reported. 

Brazil's Agrarian Reform Day Protests Continue Until Thursday

Created shortly after former president Dilma Rousseff's ouster, which many Brazilians regard as a parliamentary coup, “Get Out Temer” serves as a symbol of resistance to right-wing President Michel Temer’s administration. The beer is made from water, malt and hops.

Produced by an artisanal brewery located in Maria Lara, an MST encampment in the state of Parana, the malt beer takes 20 days to be ready for consumption. Transgenic ingredients found in most Brazilian beers are not included in “Get Out Temer.”

Viviane Leal Dantas, brewer of the organic beverage, attests that the beer is “pure malt similar to all respectable beers.” She entered the brewing industry two years ago and began producing “Get Out Temer” soon after he assumed the Brazilian presidency last year.

Photo: Brasil de Fato

“Friends embraced our humorous protest against the new government,” Leal Dantas said, Brasil de Fato reported.

“They posted our beer on social media which received many shares and word got around,” she recalls.”

Production of “Get Out Temer” is limited to 40 liters per week. According to Leal Dantas, the level of production suits clients in search of a unique, amusing present that's also engaging for family and friends. 

Photo: Brasil de Fato

“Some friends purchase our beer to bring as gifts when they travel to other states,” she said. 

“Get Out Temer” is sold in São Paulo, Bahia, Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe.

The beverage has been a hit at MST's Second National Agrarian Reform Fair in São Paulo, which began on Thursday. The fair, dedicated to promoting organic and holistic products, comes to an end on Sunday.

Photo: Brasil de Fato

When questioned about the future of “Get Out Temer” at the end of his presidency, Leal Dantas reassured that the beer is a limited edition brand. A smile brightened her face as she agreed with a client who suggested a commemorative brand titled “Temer's Long Gone,” Brazil de Fato added.

The MST is an iconic example and pioneer of the new age of campesino movements that fights not only for land access, but also for education, health, gender equality, environmental justice and food sovereignty.

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