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Brazil's Congress Summons Moro to Hearing on Intercept Leaks

  • Justice Minister Sergio Moro at the Marine Corps Headquarters in Brasilia, Brazil June 11, 2019.

    Justice Minister Sergio Moro at the Marine Corps Headquarters in Brasilia, Brazil June 11, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 13 June 2019

Four congressional commissions asked Sergio Moro to explain details from a scandal that is involving more people each time.

Brazil's Lower House summoned Justice Minister Sergio Moro to a hearing on June 26 to testify about the revelations emerging from documents leaked by The Intercept in which he and Attorney General Deltan Dallagnol appear to have jointly coordinated to prevent former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from running in the 2018 presidential elections.


New Leak Shows Top Brazilian Judge Colluded With Car Wash Prosecutors

"The minister is haunted by the Intercept revelations and even more so of those to come. He must, after all, recall most of everything he did," Marcio Jerry, a congressman from the Communist Party (PCdoB), said.

Several congressional committees, including the Human Rights and Minority Commission (CDHM), the Labor, Administration and Public Service Committee (CTASP) and the Financial Control Committee (CFFC) decided to hold a single joint hearing at the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJC).

The information disclosed by The Intercept shows that Moro, as an acting federal judge, advised prosecutors in several phases of the "Car Wash" case, which was an illegal interference that led to a ban on Lula's candidacy to while remaining in prison and boosted Jair Bolsonaro's chances at winning the presidency.

"Moro was jeered by the crowd at the stadium but the media did not show it."

Vice President of the Supreme Court of Justice Luiz Fux also came under fire Wednesday when new revelations showed that he was involved in the scandal, calling into question the fairness of the trial behind Lula's conviction. 

Director at the Intercept Brazil Leandro Demory revealed Monday that Judge Fux had supported Dallagnol and Moro in their actions. 

In a private conversation, Dallagnol said, "He said that we should count on him for what we need, once again," to which Moro replied, "Excellent. In Fux we trust."

According to The Intercept, Moro suggested that prosecutors in the Car Wash case change the order of the operation's phases and other procedures that are supposed to be prohibited by law.

The divulging of the secret conversations has caused a stir in Brazil and led Lula's defense team to reiterate that the leftist politician is a victim of political persecution, prompting them to demand that the trial against him should be declared void.

In 2017, Moro slapped a prison sentence of nine years and six months on Lula for corruption, arguing that he had received a beach apartment in exchange for political favors to the Odebrecht multinational construction company.

"The head of the Car Wash case was none other than Moro. Dallagnol was a fool. It's proven," Supreme Justice Gilmar Mendes said and added that Moro and Dallagnol committed a crime.

"Faking a charge is not just unethical — it's a crime."

As Brazilians recovered from their astonishment at The Intercept leaks, Minister Moro and President Bolsonaro met at Alvorada Palace Tuesday and were later seen together at a military ceremony, then at a soccer game in Brasilia Wednesday night​​​​​​ in a show of solidarity.

When asked if Bolsonaro still trusts Moro, presidential spokesperson Otavio Rego Barros said that "all the ministers of President Jair Bolsonaro's administration have the confidence of the executive branch head."

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