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Brazilian-Japanese Community Celebrate Cherry Tree Blossoming

  • A close-up of the cherry tree's blooming flowers.

    A close-up of the cherry tree's blooming flowers. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Published 9 August 2018

Campos do Jordao, a municipality in Sao Paulo state is hosting the 40th Cherry Tree Festival.

Over the past few days, the Japanese community in Brazil has been celebrating the cherry tree blossoming season. The celebrations are taking place in several locations across the country.

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Campos do Jordao, a municipality in the interior of Sao Paulo, is hosting the 50th Cherry Tree Festival in the Cherry Tree Park. The event, which began on July 21 and ends on August 12, is also presenting traditional Japanese music, as well as other cultural manifestations.

Last weekend, the city of Sao Paulo played host to the 40th Cherry Tree Festival in the Carmo Park in the eastern zone of the metropolis. The park is home to some four thousand cherry trees. The first five hundred seeds were planted in 1978 as part of a project undertaken by Japanese immigrant Hisayoshi Kataoka with the assistance of the Sao Paulo city hall and the Japanese Consulate.

Frei Rogerio municipality in the state of Santa Catarina is home to another Japanese community in Brazil that will celebrate the blossoming of the cherry tree during the 20th Cherry Tree Blooming Festival. It's estimated that the event will welcome some 1,500 people. It will serve tea and traditional Japanese cuisine, contemporary dances, Kendo (a traditional Japanese martial art) and Japanese calligraphy.

Blooming flowers from the cherry tree, which vary between tonalities of white and red, will continue over the next few days. A symbol of Japanese culture, the blooming season lasts for less than a month and, in Japan, coincides with the start of springtime.

Brazil is home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan.


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