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Brazil Workers' Party: Judge Moro 'Bias, Driven by Politics'

  • Brazil's Justice Minister Sergio Moro.

    Brazil's Justice Minister Sergio Moro. | Photo: REUTERS

Published 3 July 2019

"Sergio Moro was a partisan and biased judge, driven by political motivations," the Brazilian Workers' Party (PT) said.

Former Brazilian federal judge and current Minister of Justice and Public Security Sergio Moro, made evident during his interview to the House of Representatives Tuesday that he is a partisan and biased judge, driven by political motivations, according to the Workers' Party (PT).


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Gleisi Hoffmann, PT president, said that the ex-judge’s contradictions left no doubt about the fact that he was an unfair judge after he gave what was at least his second testimony to Congress in Brasilia.

“He eluded several questions and lied about facts that are known, such as illegal wire-tapping of former presidents Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff,” Hoffman said.

Hoffmann said the ex-judge was lying when he said he always behaved correctly during the Lula trial.

"You are not tried yet, but it's in process by the Federal Supreme Court," added the lawyer and former politician herself.

Congressman Glauber Braga said that history will not forgive Moro who will be remembered as the magistrate who was corrupt and acted unfairly and for his own interests.

Sergio Moro appeared before Congress to answer questions regarding the leaked messages published about the Lava Jato case by The Intercept Brazil starting June 9. A series of leaked conversations between Moro and the prosecutors of the Lavo Jato case revealed foul play by the two parties.

These conversations revealed Moro violated several Code of Magistry, which is why he appeared in mid-June in front of the Senate to comment on the online newspaper's findings.

The communication Moro had with public lawyers raised major doubts about his impartiality, as well as his lack of ethics. Moro ruled to imprison former President Lula da Silva to 12 years in prison in 2018 for alleged acts of corruption. His sentence has since been reduced.

Lula's imprisonment prevented his being able to rerun in the presidential elections when polls showed him leading the race.

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