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  • Brazilian President Michel Temer

    Brazilian President Michel Temer | Photo: Reuters

Published 29 June 2017

The latest Ipsos Institute poll released this Thursday reveals that 93 percent of Brazilians reject Temer's presidency.

Friday will mark another general strike in Brazil against labor and pension reform proposed by Senate-imposed president Michel Temer.

Corruption Charges Against Temer Move to Brazil's Lower House

Labor reforms proposed by Temer include the elimination of payment for workers' commute from their contracts, a reduction in employer compensation for abuse and allowing employers to reduce workers' salaries while increasing their work hours.

While Temer's vision of new labor laws would increase work hours, his radical proposal for pension reform would scrap the average retirement age of 54, making it mandatory that women retire at 62 and men at 65.

He's also proposing a 20-year freeze on public spending.

Enmeshed in a series of political corruption scandals and the general belief that his rise to the presidency was occasioned by a parliamentary coup orchestrated against democratically elected Dilma Rousseff, Temer's proposals aimed at stripping worker's rights and pensions are finding stiff opposition nationwide.

The latest Ipsos Institute poll, released this Thursday, reveals that 93 percent of Brazilians reject Temer's presidency. It's precisely for this reason that a general strike is scheduled the following day to avert reforms that would drastically undermine workers' rights and social security.

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