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Brazil: Bolsonaro's Lower House Head Under Investigation

  • Federal lawmaker Ricardo Barros, Brazil.

    Federal lawmaker Ricardo Barros, Brazil. | Photo: Twitter @revistaforum

Published 16 September 2020

Ricardo Barros is investigated for fraud in wind-energy contracts between 2011 and 2014.

The Justice of the Parana state Wednesday carried out a series of raids in the framework of an investigation for corruption that includes Ricardo Barros, who is the head of the bench that President Jair Bolsonaro controls in the Lower House.


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This businessman is investigated for fraud in wind-energy contracts between 2011 and 2014 when he was Parana's Industry and Commerce Secretary.

This investigation is based on a judicial collaboration agreement signed by Galvao Engenharia's former directors who accused the Federal lawmaker of receiving some US$950,000 in exchange for facilitating suspicious businesses.

In 2015, after leaving his post in the Parana state, Barros assumed a seat in the Lower House, where he became head of the Bolsonarista lawmakers a month ago.

"The appointment of Barros to the post in the Lower Chamber undoes the Bolsonarista demagoguery about the existence of a 'new politics'," local outlet Brasil 247 commented.

On Tuesday, amid growing scandals about his political allies, the Brazilian president suspended discussions related to expanding subsidy programs to the poorest.

"Until 2022, it is forbidden to say 'Renda Brasil' inside my administration," said Bolsonaro, referring to a program that would have provided financial aid to low-income citizens.

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