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Brazil: Black Women’s March Meets Objectives of VIII Edition

  • Brazil celebrates its VIII Black Women's March

    Brazil celebrates its VIII Black Women's March "For life, rights, dignity and for a just and anti-racist society." Aug. 1, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@travasereiano

Published 1 August 2022

The event's theme was for life, rights, dignity, and a just and anti-racist society: More black women in power!

On Sunday, July 31, at Copacabana Beach, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, the VIII Black Women's March was held, with the theme "For life, rights, dignity and for a just and anti-racist society. More black women in power!"

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In its eighth edition, the movement renewed its demands, such as requests for political, legislative, and social inclusion, the end of femicide, and the end of sexism. It also celebrates the 30th anniversary of the first meeting of black women, which took place in the Dominican Republic in 1992.

Actress Juliana Alves was present at the march and highlighted the importance of the event in the midst of the violence black women experienced in recent months. According to her, participating in yet another event edition is exciting.

"I have been in most of the marches, and I am very excited and happy to be back," Alves pointed out. Black women, who have always been the main targets of violence, need to seek our strength so that we stop losing our rights and that our struggle stops being invalidated, many times even by the government, she said.


Powerful Sunday with Black huddled in the street for the terror of the white-cisnormative patriarchy!

"We need people to understand that the struggle of black women is a societal struggle and that there is no longer any way to prevent us from reaching and occupying spaces," Alves explained.

Clátia Vieira, a member of the state forum of black women and the organizing committee of the VIII March, also addressed the importance of women occupying spaces.

"This march will close with the call 'I vote for black women because we understand the importance of black women being in this our and we want to talk about our demands. We don't need intermediaries; we already know how to talk about us, and we are here to denounce racism."


Juliana Alves
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