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Brazil: 500 New Measles Cases Hit Amazonas and Roraima

  • A health worker prepares a vaccine against measles.

    A health worker prepares a vaccine against measles. | Photo: Reuters

Published 3 July 2018

Another 1,368 cases are currently under investigation in the state of Amazonas.

Brazil's Ministry of Health confirmed on Monday that nearly 500 new cases of measles have been registered in the northern states of Amazonas and Roraima. The recent outbreak has put regional health authorities and the Ministry of Health on alert.

Measles Outbreak Raise Concern in Canada, Europe

A total of 263 cases have been confirmed in the state of Amazonas. Of the total, 82 percent were located in the capital city Manaus. Another 1,368 cases are currently under investigation. So far, 125 cases have been discarded.

A total of 200 cases were confirmed in the state of Roraima. While 177 more cases are currently under investigation, 35 cases have been discarded. It has been confirmed that two people have died from measles so far. Although the source of the outbreak has not been confirmed, some local authorities went as far as to blame the influx of Venezuelan immigrants for it, according to Agencia Brasil.

Brazil's Health Ministry has sent 700,000 doses of triple viral vaccine to both states in an effort to combat the highly contagious infectious disease.

Vaccination campaigns began in April in the state of Amazonas. The focus was geared toward in the metropolitan area of Manaus and cities with more than 75,000 residents and areas near the border with Venezuela.

In Roraiama, vaccination campaigns took place during the months of March and April. A total of 112,000 doses of vaccination were administered.

Measles symptoms include a fever, runny nose and cough, red eyes, a red, blotchy rash on the face and body, drowsiness, feeling irritable, and small white spots that may show up in the mouth and throat. While most people fully recover within 2-3 weeks, measles can have serious complications, which are more likely in infants, pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems.

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