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Boric's Cabinet To Be Gender-Balanced & Politically Inclusive

  • President-elect Gabriel Boric (L), Santiago City, Chile, Dec. 30, 2021.

    President-elect Gabriel Boric (L), Santiago City, Chile, Dec. 30, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @ElectsWorld

Published 10 January 2022

Chile's President-elect considers this decision will allow his society to be better represented in State institutions. 

On Sunday, Chile’s President-elect Gabriel Boric assured that his cabinet will be formed without discriminating against its members because of their gender, political orientation, or age.


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“Our council of ministers will have an equal number of men and women, comprise young and aged representatives, and include people from different political affiliations so that our society be better represented in it,” Boric stressed.

He also specified, however, that the predominant criteria for choosing those who will exercise governmental functions will be their capacity and knowledge in the management of public affairs.

"We will end with the cronyism-based logic of designation," Boric stressed, adding that his administration's priority will be to achieve a functional dialogue with the citizenry and engage them with the will for progress. 

Boric reiterated his idea of eliminating the figure of presidential delegate, which generates regional governments' dependence on the President. "The principal regional authority should only be the one that the people elect: the governors," he stressed.

Since he needs parliamentary approval to put this policy into practice, what he intends to do for now is appoint politicians who facilitate dialogue with governors in these positions. "We will only develop this task successfully with the goodwill of the different social sectors,” he stressed and invited citizens to support his political program.

"I know there are many expectations placed on my administration. I assume this responsibility with much pride and humility, but I also invite not to idealize people, but to support political projects because politics, such as happiness, only makes sense when it is collective," Boric stated. 


Gabriel Boric
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