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  • Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro and U.S. President Donald Trump, Florida, U.S., March, 2020.

    Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro and U.S. President Donald Trump, Florida, U.S., March, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @Joyce_Karam

Published 21 March 2020

Judge Soares Chiarelli orders Armed Forces Hospital to deliver information to the Federal District Health Department.

Brazil’s Federal judge Raquel Soares Chiarelli ordered the Armed Forces Hospital (HFA) to present the list of people who turned out to be Covid-19 positives, among whom President Jair Bolsonaro could be. This order responds to the hospital's refusal to release data to the Federal District Health Department.


Protests Against the "Bolsonaro Virus" Spread in Brazil

"Proper identification of Covid-19 cases is essential for defining public policies to contend with the pandemic, preserve the health system and guarantee care for the population," Soares Chiarelli said.

"Under no circumstances is the refusal to provide this information to the Federal District, which has constitutional jurisdiction to coordinate and execute epidemiological surveillance actions and services in its territory, justified," she added.

In case that order is not complied with, the 4th Federal Court of Justice in Brasilia set a daily fine of US$9,877 per patient.

On Saturday, 22 Brazilian government officials, who traveled with Bolsonaro to meet the U.S. President Donald Trump in Mar-A-Lago (Florida), Covid-19 positives.

Among those who were tested at the Armed Forces Hospital are also Institutional Security Minister General Augusto Heleno and the First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

Up to the moment, the Brazilian presidential palace claims that the far-right politician tested negative on two Covid-19 tests, although the results were not presented to the public.

As of Friday, Brazil reported 904 confirmed coronavirus cases and 11 deaths. The disease shows a curve similar to that of the countries that presented collapses in their health systems.

"Sao Paulo is still at the beginning of the spiral," Helth Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta said.​​​​​​​

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