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Bolivia's General Elections Set For Sep 6: TSE

  • Jeanine Añez serves as interim president since November

    Jeanine Añez serves as interim president since November | Photo: AFP/Jorge Bernal

Published 2 June 2020

This way the elections, previously scheduled for 3 August, will be postponed by one month.

After a prior consensus with the various political forces, Bolivia's general elections will be held on September 6, the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) said on Tuesday.


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The date set is settled in a bill to be submitted by TSE to the Plurinational Legislative Assembly. According to the Supreme, the bill is "the result of an intense yet patient process of negotiation, consultation, and analysis with all the political candidates and organizations, which translates into a valuable understanding."

Although the recently approved Election Postponement Law provided for elections to be held before August 3, the country's epidemiological situation has made it necessary to postpone the date, which will also allow the electoral period to resume effectively.

"Full Chamber of the Supreme Electoral Court statement."

"The country needs to confront the Coronavirus, whose numbers have increased significantly, and address its first serious impacts in numerous areas of collective life,"  TSE stated. "Bolivia also needs an electoral process that gives a firm footing to democracy, peaceful social coexistence, and political stability."

The elections will make it possible to choose those who will hold office in the Legislative Assembly and the Presidency, after the coup held against former President Evo Morales in November 2019. Since then, Jeanine Añez serves as interim president.


Jeanine Añez
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