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  • An injured man is recovered by members of a rescue team after the landslide.

    An injured man is recovered by members of a rescue team after the landslide. | Photo: Reuters

Published 5 February 2019

Two landslides Saturday covered more than 100 yards of a route between Caranavi and Yolosita, killing six and injuring 17 people. 

President Evo Morales supervised evacuation efforts Monday of those wounded after a landslide in the Armas de Choro bridge sector north of La Paz, Bolivia, which killed at least six people and injured 17.

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"We are supervising the tasks of rescue and evacuation in helicopters of the wounded in the landslides in Caranavi. The Ministries of Defense and Public Works are working from the beginning of the event to give timely help,” President Morales tweeted.

After intense and prolonged rains Saturday and Sunday, the hill at the height of the Armas de Choro bridge collapsed on two occasions on the route between Caranavi and Yolosita and buried travelers.

The wreckage of a vehicle is seen after a landslide due to heavy rains near Caranavi in La Paz Department . | Source: Reuters

Tons of earth and mud encased more than a hundred yards of the road. Police said the rains made rescue efforts difficult.

'We recommend that people avoid going through the place. We know there will be cases of urgency and that is why we are going to enable humanitarian flights. We must be careful and we must preserve life above all else. We salute the Police and the Army for their efficient rescue work, " Morales Tweeted.

The Bolivian President said helicopters were made available to help people out of the area for the same price as ground transportation.

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