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Bolivia: Añez Regime Undermines the Ombudsman's Authority

  • Ombudsman Nadia Cruz, Bolivia, 2019.

    Ombudsman Nadia Cruz, Bolivia, 2019. | Photo: Twitter/@NotiBolGroup

Published 14 July 2020

The U.S.-backed government seems to dislike being audited by the Ombudsman's Office.

Bolivia’s coup-born government led by Jeanine Añez Monday she tried to undermine the actions of the Ombudsman Nadia Cruz arguing that she is “usurping” the position given that her "interim" mandate expired on April 30, 2019.


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The de-facto regime, which emerged when Anez self-proclaimed herself as "Interim" president in 2019, justified its decision by recalling a 2004 constitutional ruling which stated that an internship in public service lasts a maximum of 90 days.

With this argument, the Citizen Security Vice Minister Wilson Santamaria said that the Ombudsman term has already expired.

"In the strict application of this sentence, Nadia Cruz's interim period has ended and all the acts she has carried out since April 30 are null and void," the de-facto minister said.

These pronouncements occur in the context of a dispute with the Ombudsman's Office, which asked the coup-born government for information to defend the Bolivians.

The meme reads, "Latin America registered a new 'self-swearing'' in a coup plot that undoubtedly seems familiar. Senator Jeanine Añez swore in as president, while the protests continue in Bolivia and the world supports Evo Morales. Coup d'etat in Bolivia."

The U.S.-backed regime also questions the Ombudsman's Office trying to link it with the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party.

On Tuesday, the Legislative Assembly president Eva Copa stated that the Añez regime seems to dislike being audited by the Ombudsman's Office.

"The transitional government is making a mistake because they do not like to be audited. I know that the Ombudsman has asked them for reports and notes and I think they did not like that,” Copa said.

In Nov. 2019, as a result of a military coup that forced Evo Morales to resign from the Bolivian presidency, senator Jeanine Añez proclaimed herself as "interim president" of Bolivia and swore that she would hold that position until the holding of elections on May 3, 2020.

After several attempts to extend her stay in power, she was forced to proclaim the holding of elections on Sep. 6, 2020.

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